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Bins for Scrap Metal

We have many different sizes of bins to help with your clean up projects! Just let us know when it is full and we will come swap it out with an empty one or take it away if you are not needing it any longer. We will even pay you for the metal you put in the bin! Every category of bin vary in dimensions, so the dimensions listed below are just a rough estimate to help you determine what size of bin you would need for your project.


Seed Bin

  • Smallest bins available

  • Some of these bins will be similar to city trash bins located at businesses

  • Approximately 4'x4'x4'

Dempster Bin

Hook Bin

  • Third largest bin category

  • Approximately 10'x8'x4'

Roll Off Bin

  • Largest bin available

  • Approximately 20'x8'x5'

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