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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you provide recycling bins?

YES! We have several different sizes of bins available. Click the button below to be taken to the page with bin information.

Can I sell my car to you if I lost the title or never had the title?

No you can not. We do not buy cars without titles. A bill of sale, application for duplicate title or any other form other than the actual title or certificate of title WILL NOT be accepted. You MUST have the actual title or a certificate of title in hand in order to sell your car to us, regardless of its condition.

What type of materials do you accept?

We recycle all kinds of materials ranging from farm equipment, full vehicles, copper, brass, and even appliances!

Can I put aluminum foil in the same bag as my aluminum cans?

NO! Foil is a different type of aluminum. It also causes problems when it goes through our can crusher. Please be sure that you have ONLY aluminum cans in your bags!

Do you accept returns on parts or material purchased from you?

No we do not. ALL parts are sold AS-IS. Once you leave our lot, the part is yours. However, we will purchase the parts back from you at the current scrap value.

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